Topical MyLab Student Success Update 'without eText' course

Learning outcomes-based, organized by topic or module, this is the course to use if your goals are tied to redesign, learning outcomes, or your program is using a heavily customized text specific to your program.

Title-specific MyLab Student Success 'with Pearson eText' course

Modified and tied directly to our most widely used titles, these courses are the ones to use if you teach very closely to your text. Title-specific sites include:

  • The national eText
  • Learning Path modules aligned with the chapter naming conventions of the book
  • Chapter-specific Quizzes, Mid-term, and Final exams
  • Book-specific Activities to extend the learning, and tie into the feature set
  • Print upgrade option to buy a loose-leaf version of the text
  • Audience-specific booklets (when available) included in Student Resources

Titles include:

  1. Anderson, Professionalism
  2. Baldwin, College Experience
  3. Baldwin, Community College Experience
  4. Baldwin, College Experience Compact
  5. Carter, Keys to College Success
  6. Carter, Keys to Community College Success
  7. Carter, Keys to College Success Compact
  8. Carter, Keys to Effective Learning
  9. McWhorter, Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College
  10. Sellers, Academic Transformation
  11. Sherfield, Cornerstones for College Success
  12. Sherfield, Cornerstones for Community College Success
  13. Sherfield, Cornerstones for College Success Compact
  14. Sukiennik, Career Fitness Program