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Pearson MyLab Student Success is an online solution designed to help you build skills for ongoing personal and professional development. Conley Readiness Index (CRI), developed by Dr. David Conley, is embedded. This personalized, research-based, self-diagnostic tool measures colleage and career readiness and provides data you can act on to help improve your skills. 

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How do you learn?

Exclusive Research-based Model

MyLab Student Success helps you build skills for ongoing personal and professional development. We all think we’re better at things than we really are. By identifying potential strengths and weaknesses, MyLab Student Success uses a research-based model to provide a personalized action plan for developing college and career skills. This will help you apply these skills successfully across ALL your courses and in your future career!

What’s your skill set across ALL college and career success topics?

Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic Assessments

The Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic questions link to key learning objectives in topics like Listening and Note Taking, Financial Literacy (aka. “managing your money”), Majors and Careers (including writing your resume), and more. Mastering these skills is not just about getting a good letter grade—these are skills you’ll take with you for life!

This assessment will help personalize your learning and give you information on what topics you’re pretty good at (marked with a star icon for “mastery”) and which topics you’ll need to brush up on (marked with a pencil icon for “needs study”). You will save time and improve your grades by working on what you need to, when you need to!

How does MyLab Student Success work?

Learning Path

We know that no one is ever an “expert” in “soft skills.” To get better at something, there’s no shortcut—you’ve got to practice! Each topic in the Learning Path (Student Success and Career Path) is organized by what you need to know, complete with student video interviews, interactive practice exercises, and activities to help you master college and career skills, and to build a foundation for success in academics, career, and life.

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Do you watch videos to learn how to do things?


All the students we’ve worked with said they watch videos to learn how to do things, and "good" videos are a must—short, sweet, and to the point. Humor helps, too! In MyLab Student Success, you'll have access to three types of videos which include Student Video and Role Plays on key issues that were created “by students, for students”; a FinishStrong247 YouTube channel of “how to” videos that were selected by students like you; and additional Video Cases and interactive lessons.

Learn more about yourself

Helpful Student Inventories and Calculators

Conley Readiness Index is a student inventory that helps you learn more about yourself and shows what it takes to succeed in college based on your strengths and weaknesses. Additional tools such as GPA, Savings, and Budgeting calculators are also included.

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Make the most out of going to class

Learning Catalytics™

Learning Catalytics is an interactive classroom tool that lets you use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to participate and stay engaged. Simply respond to the questions your instructor posts during class. Your professor can use the results of these questions to help address misunderstandings, start small group discussions, or decide that you’re ready to move on to a new idea. With Learning Catalytics, you can tell your professor what you did — or didn’t — understand without saying a word.

Additional Features

A personalized Learning Path

Ever wondered where you might need the most help in class? MyLab Student Success offers a Full Course Pre-Diagnostic Assessment which allows you to easily see, in the Learning Path, which topics you’re pretty good at, and which topics you need to brush up on. Even if your results indicate that you’re pretty good at managing your time, for example, there’s usually room to get even better—so keep practicing and hone your skills! Based on your results, work through the videos, practice exercises, and graded activities as guided solutions and multimedia learning aids to give you the support you need.

Assignment Calendar

Never miss an assignment again. The Assignment Calendar in MyLab Student Success helps you track your progress in the course and get immediate feedback. Simply keep an eye on it and you'll never miss an assignment again.

Mobile Access

With access to your MyLab course via your tablet or mobile phone, you can now easily study and complete assignments anywhere at any time!

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Student Resources for diverse audiences (with select MyLab Student Success courses)

Under the Student Resources section of select courses, we offer access to additional materials that support various student populations and require specific strategies to succeed. You’ll find information for one or more of the following: adult learners, digital learners, first-generation learners, international learners, English language learners, and student athletes.