"MyLab Fuels Better Learning"

Video Transcript

Video Speakers

  • Samantha Davis Student, Ivy Tech Community College
  • Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson Associate Professor, Ivy Tech Community College

Samantha Davis: I am a single mom. And I am working full time, and I’m in school full time. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I have no time for anything. No time for sleep. I feel like I'm just always constantly going.

I believe it’s worth it. One day I want to open up my own business. I don’t want to work a minimum wage job for the rest of my life or living paycheck to paycheck.

Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson: There's a combination of challenges for our students. I look at each student through their level and I try to meet them at their level. However, I want them to excel as well. MyLab affords them that opportunity, and that's important in education.

There’s a combination of different learning exercises. Some students are able to pick up on learning concepts with the drag and drop. Some students are able to pick up the concepts of an open question and they select the word. I like the ability to be able to customize assignments. I select specific questions so they're relatable to what's going on in the business world. I like the idea that it regenerates the question. They may not know the answer the first time. Repeat, repeat, retain, retain, and students will be persistent in learning.

Samantha Davis: I had a lot of mixed feelings about learning online. Actually, now — I do everything off MyLab. I can access MyLab from my laptop, my phone, home computer, school computer. I use MyLab for studying. I watch videos on there. Powerpoint presentations. With my schedule being so hectic, I can login at 1 o’clock in the morning. Whenever I feel like I can do a little piece here and a little piece there, it really is a big help.

Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson: With MyLab, you're able to identify if they're struggling as soon as possible, so that they in fact can be successful. I look at how much time they take with the exercises. I look at how many times they did that particular practice exercise. You can see the change.

Samantha Davis: I can go in the classroom and I can do it and I can get it. I believe that I am getting an A because of MyLab.

Dr. Trina Lynch-Jackson: MyLab has helped me and empowered me to be a better instructor in the classroom.

Samantha Davis: I feel that going to college is worth the stress because I want a better future for my daughter. I want a better future for myself. I want to be able to give my girls the life that I never had.

Wherever learning flourishes, so do people.

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