Supporting factual and conceptual knowledge acquisition

Successful learning requires students to build a rich foundation of knowledge as well as the conceptual understanding that allows for application of that knowledge.

Mastering A&P supports both of these learning outcomes and aligns with best practices from research.

  • A&P Flix animations provide students with 3D representations of challenging physiological processes, so they can better visualize and understand them.
  • Practice Anatomy Lab 3.0 offers students many kinds of practice opportunities and uses multiple visual representations to help them develop a substantive base of anatomical knowledge. Practice Anatomy Lab also helps students focus their learning through self-study and self-quizzing, and facilitate more efficient learning.
  • PhysioEx 9.1 and Interactive Physiology 2.0 enable learners to explore physiological processes and concepts through lab simulations and tutorials, and to establish a broad understanding of physiology. Both features allow learners to focus on the key concepts needed to master physiology and reduce their cognitive load to more easily process information.

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